The Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center (Tech Center) is an initiative sponsored by the Defense Language and National Security Agency (DLNSEO). The mission of the Tech Center is to enhance The Language Flagship experience through the effective use of technology.  The primary purpose of the Tech Center is to conceive, design, adapt or improve, deliver and test effective means to blend technology into existing Language Flagship Programs. The Tech Center uses design-thinking processes to identify efforts that leverage existing initiatives and resources from the public and private sectors.

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Common Ground, Common Future


San Francisco, March 9-10, 2017


This workshop builds on work done in the three previous symposia by continuing to build an engaged community of innovators. The main goal of this workshop is to establish a baseline for technology use and integration in The Language Flagship informed by the challenges, strengths, and capabilities of participating programs and by perspectives from directors, instructors, and students. This effort will allow the Flagship Tech Center to learn about the creative ways our community of innovators are currently integrating technology and, in the process,  to identify collaboratively current needs and future activities that could result in or best entice and support technology innovation in The Language Flagship.

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Growing Our Community

The primary focus for the first year of operation of the Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center (Tech Center) was strategic planning through community-building. The Tech Center brought together expertise from relevant areas in academia (foreign language education, applied linguistics, computer-assisted language learning, educational technology, etc.) and from entities with stakes in foreign language education in both the public and private sectors. Stakeholders were invited to engage in discussions in an environment that fostered the emergence of new ideas and promising solutions.

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Blended Learning

During its first year, the Tech Center developed and pilot tested a blended language learning experience based on a simulation for learners of Chinese. A fictitious company, Green Ideas, Inc., serves as the engine that generates highly contextualized language learning activities. Modeled after an international corporation, language learning can be personalized to target learners professional interests and needs. This blended learning initiative models how existing resources can be leveraged to create technology-enhanced learning opportunities for Flagship students.

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