Blended Learning

During its first year, the Tech Center developed and pilot tested a blended language learning experience based on a simulation for learners of Chinese. A fictitious company, Green Ideas, Inc., serves as the engine that generates highly contextualized language learning activities. Modeled after an international corporation, language learning can be personalized to target learners professional interests and needs. This blended learning initiative models how existing resources can be leveraged to create technology-enhanced learning opportunities for Flagship students.

Explore Green Ideas, Inc.


Green Ideas Inc. is a website for a simulated company that students can apply to for internships.


Students apply for a job with a cover letter, resume, and application



Students participate in an interview




Students undergo online employee training




Students collaborate on a project




Students present their final product or solution


Expansion of the Chinese Simulation


The Tech Center will revise the simulation using feedback from instructors and students and expand it to include peer Flagship institutions.

Flagship COMMONS


The Tech Center will use the CANVAS learning management system by Instructure to gather and disseminate existing Language Flagship resources for both professional development and language learning.  All participating Flagship instructors will have access to the repository.