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Innovation Webcasts present ideas for the implementation of technologies in language teaching and learning, with a special focus on sharing what works in Language Flagship programs. Browse this collection to garner ideas from Language Flagship faculty, language center personnel, private-sector entrepreneurs, and other partners in the Language Flagship’s community of practice.

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Hackathon 2018 Showcase

NOVEMBER 9 10am Hawaii - 11 AM AKST - 12pm PST - 1pm MST - 2pm CST - 4pm EST Duration: 60 mins Presented by The Student Advisory Board. -  Hackathon 2018 Showcase What ideas do students have for effectively integrating technology into their own language learning? To...

Interactive Video: Exploring Possibilities

OCTOBER 26 10am Hawaii - 12pm Alaska - 1pm PDT - 2pm MDT - 3pm CDT - 4pm EDT Duration: 30 mins Presented by Jeff Magotto, Yamada Language Center Director, Oregon University. -  Interactive video The use of interactive video has been gaining recognition as a compelling...

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Using Ponddy Chinese in Tutoring Sessions

In this 10-minute presentation, Yizhe Huang from the ROTC Chinese Flagship program at the University of North Georgia shares her experience of using Ponddy Chinese, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered smart textbook, in the tutoring sessions for intermediate level...

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