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Acquisition vs. Learning in 2021

Acquisition vs. Learning in 2021

webinar by Karen Lichtman
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Stephen Krashen put forward a model of language learning distinguishing between language acquisition (acquiring a language by listening or reading and understanding) and language learning (conscious, effortful study and practice of language). Today, many people look at Krashen’s monitor model as just a “method from the past.” However, most of these ideas are still very much present in contemporary research — just under different names, such as implicit vs. explicit language teaching and learning. This talk will share three of my studies using the acquisition/learning, or implicit/explicit, framework: one on elementary students learning Spanish, ...



What Do You Meme? Using Multimodal Technologies in the Language Classroom

What Do You Meme? Using Multimodal Technologies in the Language Classroom

September 21, 2021
Presented by: Kelly Drumright, PhD in Spanish, and Maggie Rosenau, PhD in German at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Anderson Language Technology Center (ALTEC) Memes are a multimodal format that can be used as an effective pedagogical tool to bring humor and ...