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Fail Better: Learning to Participate in Another Culture

Fail Better: Learning to Participate in Another Culture

webinar by Mari Noda
Learning a language is like learning to play a new game. Since the rules of the game are determined by the culture, players new to the culture will experience failures. These failures are both inevitable and frequent. Their consequences could be serious, too. Yet the game is thrilling enough to keep players at it, and through playing, the players who keep at it improve on their scores. The improved scores entice players to take more risks. Pedagogical materials offer ways for both language learners and their teachers to continuously improve their level of performance in the language game. I will ...



Translating Google Translate: How Students Actually Use Machine Translation and What That Means for World Language Instruction

webinar by Kimberly Vinall & Emily Hellmich
September 25, 2023
About the talk Google Translate and other machine translation platforms can be a source of tension in language learning classrooms, with many instructors likening their use to cheating, laziness, and/or impediments to learning. This talk presents the findings of a ...