Over the last decade, CALICO has offered online language teacher training. In this three-hour ‘flipped’ workshop, participants will work through what it takes to launch a fully online language program for first- or second-year language learners (novice to intermediate-low proficiency ACTFL scale, A1-B1 CEFR). Before the workshop, participants will receive a survey and links to a set of TED-Ed lessons on topics related to online language pedagogy. Then, based on surveyed needs and lesson choices, participants will engage in hands-on tasks that lead them through fundamental design thinking, development strategies and appropriate tools, and assessment and evaluation routines.


Fundamentals of Online Language Teaching

Kathryn Murphy-Judy (Coordinator of Languages and Associate Professor of French), Virginia Commonwealth University
Christopher Hromalik (Associate Professor of Spanish), Onondaga Community College
Ruslan Suvorov (Assistant Professor),
Victoria Russell (Associate Professor of Spanish and Foreign Language Education), Valdosta State University
Jennifer Quinlan (Academic Product Consultant), Brigham Young University
Julio Rodriguez (Director), Center for Language & Technology


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Published April 6, 2020 by Tech Center • Updated August 10, 2020