Presenter: Fernando Rubio

This is lesson 7 of 9 in the Blended Learning Essentials series. In this lesson, you will learn about the concept of High Leverage Practices (HLPs). We will also discuss two HLPs that are likely to facilitate student learning in blended language courses if they are implemented effectively.

The Blended Learning Essentials series is a collection of lessons meant as a primer for world language instructors interested in this topic. This series was designed by Tech Center faculty in collaboration with World Language professionals who have national recognition and who are experienced in the design or implementation of blended learning in the context of World Language education.



High-leverage Practices in Blended Language Teaching

Fernando Rubio (Professor of World Languages and Cultures, Director of UOnline Curriculum Enhancement and Innovation, Co-Director of Second Language Teaching and Research Center), University of Utah

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Published February 8, 2020 by Tech Center • Updated August 12, 2020