Mastering Mentoring: Conversations with Accomplished Mentors

Mastering Mentoring: Conversations with Accomplished Mentors provides a valuable resource for individuals interested in improving their mentoring skills. Drawing on interviews with experienced mentors of online language teachers, the six TED-Ed lessons illustrate strategies and provide useful tips for helping mentees achieve their goals. The lessons focus on the following key areas: What’s in it for Mentors?: Benefits include gaining broader perspectives, inspiration from new challenges, problem-solving partnerships, reciprocal learning from mentees, and deeper insights into educational strategies, to name a few. Ground Rules for a Successful Mentorship: Learn about the importance of resources, authenticity, active listening, trust, and transparent ...

Introduction to Online Language Teaching: So You Want to Start Teaching Online?

Questions you should ask yourself and factors you should consider before diving into online teaching. The first of a set of TED-Ed lessons designed and developed through a collaboration between the NFLRC and ACTFL’s Distance Learning (DL) Special Interest Group (SIG). The curriculum that guided this project was collaboratively developed by members of the ACTFL DL SIG and the NFLRC team and was informed by years of work in this area made available through the BOLDD Collaboratory.