3-day Chinese Online Language Pedagogy (OLP) summer workshop

Chinese Online Language Pedagogy Summer Workshop   June 26, 28, & 30, 2023   Online   This NFLRC professional learning opportunity, designed specifically for online Mandarin Chinese language teachers, will focus on three key areas of teaching Chinese online:   1. Identifying and evaluating resources (Monday, June 26) 2. Managing and fostering online interaction (Wednesday, June 28) 3. Assessment and feedback (Friday, June 30)   Live panel discussions in Zoom: 9:00-10:45 am Hawai‘i 12:00-1:45 pm Pacific 1:00-2:45 pm Mountain 2:00-3:45 pm Central 3:00-4:45 pm Eastern   Followed by related asynchronous tasks (e.g., sharing of resources, posts related to the day’s topic, etc.), which are to be completed ...

Interactive Reading with Perusall: Engaging Students Through Social Annotation

Students often neglect to complete assigned readings before class and instructors are left frustrated. There can be various factors that contribute to this issue. So, what’s the solution? Make assigned readings interactive with Perusall! In this session, Dr. Mee-Jeong Park will share her experience using Perusall in her courses she teaches at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, East Asian Languages & Literatures.

Problem-Based Models for Language and Culture Instruction

A problem-based approach to language instruction infuses the communicative classroom with current events, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary connections. Through a process of identifying a problem, gathering resources to understand the problem, and then working with a group to process and report on what they have learned, students acquire language as they learn about the world around them and engage deeply with others’ perspectives. Although problem-based language learning can be used as the foundation of an entire course or program of study, this talk will emphasize how and why instructors can implement problem-based language learning right away through intentional, research-informed modifications ...

Open Professional Learning Resources for Language Educators

In this session, Dr. Suzanne Freynik and Ms. Molly Godwin-Jones present a collection of open professional learning resources for world language educators, authored collaboratively by a working group of language tutors and individuals who train them in Language Flagship programs across the US. These self-paced modules were created using H5P interactive books to provide an overview of language pedagogy fundamentals, such as adapting authentic materials, providing corrective feedback, and understanding proficiency measures. The demonstration will be of interest to language educators looking for a convenient way to brush up on the basics, including graduate teaching assistants and tutors.

Black Feminist Poetics and Language Teaching

This talk discusses the inclusion of Black feminist poetic texts in language teaching. The objective is to rethink the roles of students and teachers in the classroom environment and contribute to inspiring new ideas and teaching practices. Black women’s voices in poetry may promote the development of pedagogical proposals that encourage a critical reading of the world in educational practices. Bio: Luana Reis is a poet, educator, and Black feminist scholar. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Literature at the University of Pittsburgh, where she teaches Portuguese and conducts research on Contemporary Black Women Literature and Quilombismo/Maroonage. As founder ...

Supporting Students in Online Language Learning: Voices of Experience

The NFLRC is launching its 2021 Online Language Pedagogy (OLP) Series with Supporting Students in Online Language Learning: Voices of Experience. We interviewed 14 online language teachers, who shared their strategies for successfully engaging and supporting students, and created 10 episodes/TED-Ed lessons on a wide variety of topics from onboarding to assessment to personalized learning. Register by April 21!