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iSpraak: A Free Pronunciation Platform (IALLT webinar)

webinar by Dan Nickolai
iSpraak is a free and open source online pronunciation platform designed for second language educators. This tool empowers learners to work on their pronunciation in 36 different languages by coupling rich audio models with real-time corrective feedback. This webinar will present a tour of the platform and offer some guidance for attendees wanting to create their own speech activities. This project is funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the SLU Research Institute.

Language Center Initiatives that Strategically Impact Teaching and Learning Communities (IALLT webinar)

webinar by Cathy Baumann
In this webinar, we will explore and discuss a wide range of initiatives and programming that can be undertaken in and by language centers. It is based on an article written by the presenter and currently found in the 2021 Language Center Handbook (https://iallt.org/resources/publications/). We will walk through the different examples, discuss their purposes, take suggestions for additional activities or initiatives, and explore the broad idea of strategic programming that benefits language centers in multiple ways.

3-day Chinese Online Language Pedagogy (OLP) summer workshop

Chinese Online Language Pedagogy Summer Workshop   June 26, 28, & 30, 2023   Online   This NFLRC professional learning opportunity, designed specifically for online Mandarin Chinese language teachers, will focus on three key areas of teaching Chinese online:   1. Identifying and evaluating resources (Monday, June 26) 2. Managing and fostering online interaction (Wednesday, June 28) 3. Assessment and feedback (Friday, June 30)   Live panel discussions in Zoom: 9:00-10:45 am Hawai‘i 12:00-1:45 pm Pacific 1:00-2:45 pm Mountain 2:00-3:45 pm Central 3:00-4:45 pm Eastern   Followed by related asynchronous tasks (e.g., sharing of resources, posts related to the day’s topic, etc.), which are to be completed ...
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Making Generative AI Work for Language Teachers (IALLT webinar)

webinar by Maureen Lamb
This webinar will explore ten ways that language teachers can use generative AI to help support their teaching. These will include lesson plans, resources, bibliographies, question generation, story writing, illustrations, and more. There will be a wide variety of generative AI tools introduced and explored. Participants will come away with practical ways they can use generative AI in their classes.

2023 NFLRC Summer Institute: Project-Based Language Learning in Action

workshop by Rachel Mamiya Hernandez & Betsy Gilliland
At various points in our lives, we each find ourselves immersed in experiences that move us in deeply powerful ways, inspiring intellectual change, personal transformation, and social action. Join us in exploring the use of project-based language learning (PBLL) as a framework for crafting compelling environments and experiences for language learners. During the 2023 NFLRC Summer Institute held at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, participants will learn how to orchestrate rich, experiential language learning opportunities that draw on a diverse array of disciplines and how to develop a plan to research the effectiveness of their project design and teaching. ...

How Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Fosters Language and Intercultural Skills (IALLT webinar)

webinar by David Prickett & Frederic Matthé
How Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Fosters Language and Intercultural Skills In our interconnected and interdependent world, students need to develop an intercultural view of global challenges and their local implications. Students also need the skills to deal with these challenges responsibly, creatively, and collectively. “The world is our classroom; the sky is the limit”: These metaphors describe the almost unlimited variety of possibilities for collaborative teaching and learning across geographic, cultural, and even subject boundaries. In this IALLT webinar, you will learn how COIL/VE enhances language learning at all levels hear about the benefits and limits of COIL/VE scenarios ...

ChatGPT & Other AI Tools: Opportunities & Challenges

demo by Julio Rodriguez, Naiyi Xie Fincham & Richard Medina
Recent exponential advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have brought exciting new opportunities for innovation in world language education. Among the most notable of the AI-based tools is ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, which has received considerable attention due to its ability to generate human-like text, engage users in interactive conversations, and automate time-consuming tasks, such as summarizing a text. In this session we will demonstrate a few AI technologies and some of their key features. We will also provide opportunities for participants to try them and discuss their potential to support or enhance language teaching and learning. Come join us in ...

ADVENTURE GAMES FOR LANGUAGE LEARNING: Deconstructing the Design Process

demo by Naiyi Xie Fincham, Koyuki Mitani & Alexander Tang
This session presents the design processes, templates, and resources used to create two adventure games delivered in online/hybrid formats for Japanese and Chinese learners. The Japanese game introduces a well-known urban legend in Japan, Kuchisake Onna (Spit-mouthed Woman), and the Mandarin Chinese game adapts the classic Chinese folklore, Hua Pi (Painted Skin). Both games integrate authentic cultural historic values and practices, course materials, and unit-level learning objectives to engage students in contextualized language-focused quests. Participants will experience the games from the learner perspective (English version of the games will be available) in different delivery formats and explore ways of adapting the design in their ...

Language and Technology at the Crossroads: Preview of the IALLT 2023 Conference (IALLT webinar)

webinar by Georges Detiveaux, Stacey Powell, Dan Nickolai & Angelika Kraemer
In this webinar, leaders of IALLT and members of the conference program committee will give more information about the IALLT 2023 Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, including about the conference sessions, pre- and post-conference workshops, accommodations, conference site, and special events. Conference registration is now open. Join us June 14-17, 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana!

Real-World Tasks in the Classroom: Myth or Reality? Exploring Task-Based Language Teaching

webinar by Koen Van Gorp
Tasks are everywhere. They are the things we do in daily life. Long (2016) argues that task-based language teaching (TBLT) is the strongest empirically supported teaching approach around. However, for many instructors of commonly and less commonly languages, TBLT is still an innovative approach that deviates from more familiar structure-based or form-focused teaching methods. They find it difficult to incorporate real-world tasks in their classrooms. Are real-world tasks the only option or can instructors integrate more pedagogical tasks? What do they look like and how do they incorporate (or not) grammar and vocabulary? This talk will focus on what makes ...
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Guiding SLA Principles and Assessment

webinar by Florencia Henshaw
The goal of this interactive workshop is to help language educators understand how they can develop materials and implement classroom strategies that are informed by core principles of proficiency-based instruction, and doing so will help their students develop communicative ability in the target language. First, we will focus on setting goals informed by the ACTFL proficiency guidelines, and we will review some fundamental aspects of second language acquisition, particularly as they pertain to proficiency-oriented instruction. Then, participants will evaluate to what extent specific activities help to maximize proficiency development by dissecting their merits and shortcomings. Bio: Florencia Henshaw has a Ph.D. ...
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Creating animated gifs to instruct and inspire in the languages classroom (IALLT webinar)

webinar by Joe Dale
In this session, Joe Dale will explore many ways in which animated gifs can be used to bring language learning to life, by reinforcing sentence structure, practicing dialogues, modeling grammar use, and giving personalized feedback. You will see how easy it is to produce your own mini-animations to embellish your presentations and connect with your learners. Presenter: Joe Dale is an independent languages consultant from the UK who works with organisations such as The British Council, the BBC, Skype, Microsoft and The Guardian. He was host of the TES MFL forum for six years, a regular conference speaker and recognised ...