University of Michigan Language Resource Center Speaker Series

Performing Fluency: Improv and Acting Techniques for Language Learning

When a language instructor and an acting/theatre instructor combine forces to teach language learners, engaged learning happens! Join us to learn more about this tried and tested technique we call Performing Fluency. In this workshop, you will see and participate in demonstrations of the activities we use, learn about the pedagogical principles we have applied, and explore the idea of creating an entire curriculum or integrating activities into an existing one. The key elements of our approach include: a focus on performance that builds a sense of ensemble among students, allows for risk-taking as a student adopts a character, encourages ...

Teaching from the Unexpected Side -Teaching Language with Theatrical Techniques

Learn about exercises and studies to incorporate into the language classroom. Irina Khutsieva the director of the Chamber Theatre in Moscow will lead us through activities using the ‘Stanislavsky Method’ used in theater, including: -Liberation from physical, vocal, and psychological restraints -Developing concentration, perception, imagination, memory, fantasy and creativity -Emotional expressivity, precision of perception, and the ability to interact positively Friday November 16 12:30pm-3:30pm Language Resource Center 1500 North Quad